The Story Behind JJ Watt's Military Inspired Shoe by Chris Cardoza

Earlier this year I received a call from my friends over at Reebok who had a mission for me. Travel out to Houston a few days later to film and photograph JJ Watt at his home along with one of his friends from the United States Navy SEAL community and a couple Reebok Designers.

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Stuck On an Island With the Fittest on Earth by Chris Cardoza

Back in January, Reebok brought me out to the Bahamas for their annual athlete summit. Our mission was to capitalize of all the top Crossfit athletes locatied in one place and create a catalog for their social media channels to be released over time.

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10 Lessons I Learned on my First Vacation as a Photographer by Chris Cardoza

For the first time in 4 years and really for the first time as an "adult," I took an entire week off. As a freelance photographer it's extremely scary to take off time during the first few years of your career. Questions like "What if I miss out on a huge job?" "What will my clients say when they can't reach me?" "Will this end my career?" all constantly haunted me leading up to my first vacation. 

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