Stuck On an Island With the Fittest on Earth / by Chris Cardoza

Back in January, Reebok brought me out to the Bahamas for their annual athlete summit. Our mission was to capitalize of all the top Crossfit athletes locatied in one place and create a catalog for their social media channels to be released over time. Athletes such as the Crossfit legend Rich Froning, recent 2 time Crossfit Games champions Katrin Davidsdottir, Annie Thorisdottir, Ben Smith, Dan Bailey and many more were all in attendance. We partnered the athletes up before hand and scheduled out 1 hour shoots on an outdoor turf specifically set up for the athletes to workout on throughout the summit. Over the span of 3 days we shot 3-4 pairs per day, putting them through mini WOD's at full speed in order to capture that authenticity Crossfit prides itself on. I have preached many times on this site about my hatred for strictly posed sports and fitness photography and fully believe the photo process should be as real as it can be. This is why we set up WODs and went full speed, allowing the athletes to really forget about the camera and for me to work around them and capture the truth. Pairing up the athletes also brought on a sense of competition and fun to make the photo process a little more enjoyable. Overall the whole trip was a huge success and we captures a ton of great content for the brand. Reebok was extremely happy and is still posting photos on the instagram, twitter and site to this day.