Feeding Sharks with the Fittest on Earth by Chris Cardoza

My favorite image from the trip is not the backflip or shark, it's of 17 year old weightlifting phenom, CJ Cummings. When he got back in the boat after his first snorkel above a coral reef we asked him how it went and his response blew us away..."Pretty cool, that was my first time in the ocean."

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10 Lessons I Learned on my First Vacation as a Photographer by Chris Cardoza

For the first time in 4 years and really for the first time as an "adult," I took an entire week off. As a freelance photographer it's extremely scary to take off time during the first few years of your career. Questions like "What if I miss out on a huge job?" "What will my clients say when they can't reach me?" "Will this end my career?" all constantly haunted me leading up to my first vacation. 

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