Behind the Shot

Filming a Master: Gymnast Aly Raisman by Chris Cardoza

There's something majestic and personal about filming this close to a master of their craft, especially for that amount of time. The massive gym was empty. Young girls would enter periodically in preparation for their own workouts but for most of the time it was just Aly and me. We had to figure each other out and gain some sort of trust in the middle of a workout without really being able to speak to each other beforehand.

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From the Streets to the Gym: Photographing InnerCity Weightlifting by Chris Cardoza

The streets of Dorchester account for a huge amount of the violence in Boston where only 1% of young people account for 70% of the violence in the city. Surprisingly, the city I have lived in for 3 years and where I have called home for my entire life, averages 1 shooting every 1.1 days and has a violent crime rate 123.8% higher than the national average. 

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Photographing Basketball in Rwanda by Chris Cardoza

Back in June, I was lucky enough to partner with a Boston-based nonprofit, Shooting Touch, to travel to Rwanda and document the participants in their "Basketball Health Corps" initiative. They use the sport of basketball and their partnerships with health administrators to teach children valuable skills and preventative treatments when it comes to HIV/AIDS, malaria, and daily health.

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