Katrin Davidsdottir for Adidas Group / by Chris Cardoza

I had the pleasure of photographing the "Fittest Woman on Earth," 2015 Crossfit Champion Katrin Davidsdottir for Gamplan-a, an Adidas Group blog. I traveled over to the Reebok headquarters with my assistant Eric, set up a portrait studio in one of their conference rooms and waited. The task was to take 2 portraits of Katrin to coincide with an article written by one of the editors at GamePlan A. 1 photo would be a dramatic head shot and the other a movement according to a specific phrase, in this case "Show us what it looks like to push past your limits every day." Katrin was a delight. She arrived with a film crew from Crossfit headquarters and was ready to roll. We discussed what needed to be captured but also how she wanted to look. She was very adamant about nothing too serious looking which is a testament to her personality and life. Katrin, works insanely hard but as you can see in all her social posting and as I experience during the session, she's always having fun. We took a couple dozen head shots and decided on the final very quickly. I really felt the final portrait showcases her confidence, personality, focus and strength all in one. Finally we gave her the phrase for the second photo and she immediately thought of blasting out of the blocks in a sprint and catching the motion at it's peak. This took a few tries but we nailed it. She was resilient and extremely receptive of any direction. In the end the client was very happy, the article is doing fantastic with well over 5k shares and Katrin is about to start her quest for a repeat at the games this week. 

The first two photos are the selcts adidas decided on and used in the article but the following is a favorite Katrin and I selected and used on her social channels. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment or ask any questions about the shoot!