UMass vs. BYU Football at Gillette Stadium

I had the opportunity to photograph my alma mater, UMass, play BYU in football at the home of the New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium. This was actually my first time shooting a live football game and let me tell you, I had an absolute blast. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. Looking forward to shooting some more games in the future…New England…Call me.

Huge thanks to Chris Tucci over at UMass for the invite. Chris is a great friend of mine and is doing an incredible job growing the UMass athletics digital/social presence. Go follow their accounts on Insta and Twitter where you will see more of my images in the future. He’s also becoming a great photographer as well!

UMass Vs. BYU-2.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-3.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-1.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-4.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-5.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-6.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-7.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-8.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-9.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-12.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-11.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-15.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-10.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-14.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-16.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-13.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-19.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-18.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-21.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-20.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-23.jpg
UMass Vs. BYU-22.jpg