Little Pirates: A Baseball Story

For about 3 years I have helped coach a little league team in my home town of Easton, MA. I've done this for a few reasons. 1. I love baseball 2. I love working with kids 3. Owning your own business is stressful as hell. When I go to the ball field I leave my cell phone in the car, forget about bidding on projects, and just enjoy the game.

Recently a young ball player from the University of Hartford, who will be drafted in this year's Major League Baseball draft, came by to throw the kids batting practice, so I broke my relaxation and escape rule by taking out the camera. The following photos are the result of coaching first base every half inning and photographing every other. Good luck in the draft David Mackinnon!

batting practice pirates
book keeper lil league
playing pepper
pepper catch
prospect meets lil league team
all smiles baseball
321 go
catcher pirates
the pitcher
waiting to play
game over