10 Photography Accomplishments and Experiences of 2014 / by Chris Cardoza

Shot in La Jolla during a commissioned SoCal photography trip. Shot used by ISlideUSA for their winter campaign. 

Shot in La Jolla during a commissioned SoCal photography trip. Shot used by ISlideUSA for their winter campaign. 

2014 was an incredible year in my young career. Being my sophomore year as a freelance photographer and filmmaker, I really made it a point to prevent the dreaded "sophomore slump." So, in spirit of new year resolutions and the internet's love for lists, I thought I would pull a buzzfeed and share a list. This list is what keeps me sane. What I mean by this is it keeps me focused on whats important. All too often $$$ occupies my thoughts, understandably. Freelancing is arguably more about becoming a businessman than an artist, which can really be a downer. After all, I have never taken a business course or even an accounting class, but I was lucky enough to be raised by 2 entrepreneurs and surrounded by plenty of business owners while growing up outside of Boston. One thing that always kind of feels like a burden is the book keeping and constant business strategy. The money never seems like enough and it always seems to disappear eventually. Now, don't get me wrong, I am living a very privileged life through photography but the entrepreneur inside me, and maybe a little anxiety, constantly fears the end or work and end of income. Where am I going with this? Well, the list below is what keeps me positive. I keep a running list of experiences on the same page that I keep my financial books, so when I start to stress I look down and see the amazing experiences I have had, which tends to level all my stresses, anxiety and insecurities because in the end my experiences and memories will never go away. This is why I love what I do. 

Here is my top 10 photography experiences and accomplishments of 2014. 

  1. Opened a studio: Norwood, MA
  2. 1st International Gig: Rwanda
  3. New website
  4. Published by ESPN: http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/high-school/post/_/id/35337/shooting-touch-st-anthony-n-j-77-st-johns-prep-35
  5. Appointed Director of Media for nonprofit/NGO Shooting Touchhttp://www.shootingtouch.com/
  6. Sold first photos: http://www.dozavisuals.com/rwanda-youth-basketball/w8zx0abogt3qkismz5cemy9tj9o693
  7. Was interviewed for a blog: http://www.writersbone.com/interviewsarchive/itersbone.com/2014/06/take-every-new-opportunity-as-challenge.html?rq=chris%20cardoza
  8. Created a documentary short with Jackie MacMullan: http://youtu.be/DWtPUHxvwII
  9. Surpassed 100k views on videos produced for 1 client
  10. Photographed the west coast sunset: http://www.dozavisuals.com/bpvpp3xdu3k1qij1yowhhk7dfq7yxn

Cheers to another great year!